Refinishing & Installation

Refinishing floors
We are trained professionals that know how to use wood resurfacing techniques to bring those tired hardwood floors back to excellence. Hardwood floor refinishing begins with sanding down to the bare wood removing scratches, dents, and of course the old stain and finish. Then you pick a stain color. You can even request a special blend of stain just for your hardwood floors. The last step is choosing a finish sheen. Just like paint, there is satin, gloss, or a high-gloss finish to protect your hardwood floors and make them shine.

Do you need a new installation? If your current hardwood flooring is heavily damaged past a certain point, have discovered that there is no hardwood under your carpets or your expanding your home or business. We offer a wide range of species, designs, stains and finishes for all of our installations. We are experts here to guide you through the process.